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At Photo’s By Jeff, we offer an exceptional event wedding photography service in Hazel Park that aims to encapsulate the essence of your special day, frame by frame. We understand the importance of every moment, emotion, and detail that comes together to create your wedding story.

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 We understand that your wedding day is about you and your loved ones. Our photographers have a knack for blending into the background, capturing candid moments while allowing you to fully enjoy your day. Our photographers in Hazel Park are not just skilled with a camera; they’re visual storytellers. Each photograph is a chapter in your wedding narrative, carefully composed to evoke the emotions and memories of that moment. Our goal is to capture the full spectrum of emotions that make your wedding unique. Step into the world of our event wedding photography through a collection of sample portraits that capture the range of emotions and connections experienced during weddings

Artistic Approach

Experience the essence of our event wedding photography through a selection of sample portraits that tell stories of love, joy, and togetherness. We ensure that every aspect of your wedding is documented beautifully. each out to us to discuss your event photography needs in Hazel Park.


Whether your event is an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our photographers adapt to the setting and atmosphere. We're skilled in capturing the intimacy of smaller events and the vibrancy of larger gatherings, ensuring that your photos reflect the true spirit of the occasion.

Our Vision

We believe in transparency and flexibility. Our pricing details are tailored to suit different preferences and budgets. Contact us to discuss your event wedding photography needs, and we'll guide you through the booking process, ensuring that you have all the information you need.

Turning the Moment into a Lifetime Memory

Congratulations on your upcoming proposal! At Photo’s By Jeff, we’re honoured to be a part of this special occasion. Our marriage proposal photography services are designed to capture the raw emotions, surprise, and joy of the moment you pop the question.

To capture genuine reactions, it’s crucial that the proposal remains a surprise. We’ll work with you discreetly to plan the perfect moment for the proposal.

After the proposal, we can capture post-engagement portraits to commemorate the moment while you’re still in the glow of happiness.

we’re dedicated to making your proposal moment an everlasting memory. Let’s collaborate to ensure that every detail is captured, from the moment you kneel down to the joyful embrace that follows.


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